GreXis WebTools

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Encoder / Decoder tools

Encoder/decoder tools provides functionality for encoding/decoding strings with Url, Base64, Hex and Quoted-Printable encodings ...

Hash tools

Hash tools allows you to test most used hashing functions (MD5 and SHA). Hash is small digital fingerprint for any type and size of data. Hashing is often used in cryptography for generating keys, ...

Regex Tool

Regex tool can be used for match and replace strings in text by regular expressions language. Regular expressions are defined by patterns which defines sets of matching characters, ...

XPath Tool

XPath tools allows you to query XML document by XPath query language. XPath uses clean and easy non-xml syntax, which provides functionality for addressing parts of XML documents ...

Networking Tools

Networking tools provides functionality for query GeoIP and WHOIS informations about any internet address.